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Data Retrieval

Tablets in the area of law enforcement allow officers the ability to create e-tickets, access records on the fly. MagConnect and compatible rugged cases provide tablet protection to any government agent or officer that requires the use of a mobile workstation.

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Collaboration & Planning

Government agencies deploy iPads and tablets in the office environment to help increase group collaboration and easy access to data. Meeting and planning sessions are shorter, efficient and more effective because data can be accessed quickly.

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safety collaboration

In The Field

Rugged tablet cases insure the usage of a tablet in the field. No longer do personnel have to use a pad of paper and a pencil to write down notes. Tablets with a shoulder strap allow agents to easily capture audio, video and photos that are essential to their work.

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Mobile Capability

MagConnect automotive mounts are ideal for users who utilize a tablet in their vehicle. The mounts can be placed in the cup holder, attached on the dashboard or attached the the seat bolt of the passenger seat. Each mount features adjustable arms to help the user reach the optimal viewing angle.

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Simplified Workflow

With tablet deployments, public safety and government agencies move toward hands-free usage allowing work to become more streamlined and simplified. Tablet rugged cases and mounts help to further streamline workflows. Rugged cases help by protecting the tablet from damage which reduces downtime and mounts position the tablet allowing users to work hands-free.

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Rugged protection.

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